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About the Project

The TelAbortion Study is a research project that aims to evaluate the use of telemedicine for providing a medical abortion to those who prefer to receive the abortion pills in the mail.

All the medications used in a TelAbortion are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are the same ones you would receive if you went to an office or clinic for in-person care. The experimental part of the study is the mailing of the medications.

Gynuity Health Projects, a non-profit reproductive health organization, is sponsoring the project. The study has been reviewed by multiple Institutional Review Boards, which help ensure that study participants’ rights and welfare are protected. We partner with trusted and experienced abortion providers in our project states to provide the TelAbortion service as part of the study.

The TelAbortion Project has been running since 2016, and more than 1300 people have received care through the project. Participants report being very satisfied, and consistently note that privacy and convenience are the best features of the service.