Get Started!

If you are interested in having a medical abortion through the TelAbortion Study, make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  1. You live in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, or Maine. The study cannot mail medications outside of these four states.
  2. You meet the qualifying criteria for the study, to the best of your knowledge (more info here).
  3. You have reviewed the FAQs so that you have a general understanding of how TelAbortion works (more info here).
  4. You have access to all the needed equipment (more info here).

If you meet these criteria and wish to schedule a video evaluation, call the number in your state and ask for the TelAbortion Study Coordinator.

(Please note – The provider may not be located in your home state, but they have a clinician who is licensed in your home state.)

  • Hawaii:  Hawaii Women’s Health Research Center at 808-375-3785
  • Oregon:  Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (website here) at 888-576-7526 OR OHSU Women’s Health Research Unit (website here) at 503-494-3959
  • Washington: OHSU Women’s Health Research Unit (website here) at 503-494-3959
  • Maine:  Maine Family Planning (website here) at 207-922-3222