How does the TelAbortion process work?

A TelAbortion involves all the same steps and procedures as a regular medical abortion, but you do them without going into an abortion clinic.

  1. You will have a video evaluation with the study abortion provider over the Internet. During the evaluation, the provider will:
    • answer any questions you may have.
    • ask you some questions about your medical history.
    • help you find places near you where you can get the necessary pre-abortion tests including an ultrasound or pelvic exam and possibly blood tests.
  2. You will electronically sign the Consent Form for the study.
  3. You will obtain the tests and direct the reports to be sent to the study provider.
  4. If you are eligible for a TelAbortion, the study provider will send you a package containing the necessary medications and other materials by mail. If you are not eligible, the study provider will advise you about options for further care.
  5. When you receive the medications, you will take them according to the instructions provided.
  6. If your blood type is Rh-negative, we may recommend that you get an injection of a medicine called Rh(D) immune globulin before you take the mifepristone.
  7. After you take the pills, you will have some additional tests as directed by the abortion provider to verify that the abortion is complete. These tests may consist of an ultrasound, pelvic exam, blood tests and/or urine tests.
  8. You will have another consultation with the study provider to review the results. If you need further treatment, the study provider will help you obtain it.
  9. At the final consultation, you will be asked some questions about how easy it was to follow the study procedures and the acceptability of the TelAbortion approach.

The study provider will share non-identifiable data about your case with the researchers for an evaluation of the TelAbortion approach.

If at any point you wish to come to the study clinic in person instead of continuing with the TelAbortion, you are welcome to do so.