The TelAbortion Study is a research project that aims to evaluate the use of telemedicine for providing a medical abortion to women who have difficulty getting to an abortion clinic.

After consulting with an abortion provider by videoconference, qualifying participants are sent the necessary abortion medicines by mail. The study collects data to determine how well this service model works and whether women like this telemedicine approach for providing abortion.

Currently, only women living in the states of Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, New York, Maine, Colorado, New Mexico, and Georgia are eligible to participate in this study. We are working to expand the project to serve women in other states as well.

Want to learn more? Begin by reading through our FAQ (click here). If you want to schedule a TelAbortion with one of the abortion providers, please refer to the Get Started! page (click here).

To contact the sponsor, please email telabortion@gynuity.org .